MFS, LLC’s second microfranchise investment
Delivering pre-paid green electricity to the bottom billion

Microfranchise Solutions LLC (MFS)

was conceived of as the parent company of a family of replicable microenterprise brands driving economic development at the Base of the Pyramid (BoP). This model supports the power of local small business ownership and capital rooted in the community to promote exponential local economic growth and increased human flourishing.

MFS holds to a definition of value, wider and broader than financial returns alone. We are interested in developing profitable businesses that also promote social and environmental goals.  Our first concept was Taxi Excel--a network of locally-owned, eco-friendly taxis in Lima, Peru.

Our second investment was in Lumeter Networks. Lumeter has developed a pre-paid electricity meter and cloud-based accounting platform that enables Renewable Energy providers to deliver power affordably and securely to low-income communities living in rural areas off-the-grid globally.

MFS continues the search for other innovative, for-profit, socially-just, environmentally-friendly replicable micro-enterprises.  Contact us HERE or follow us by signing up for our newsletter.




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